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art therapy

Heather Stump, RN, BA, BFA, MSc, RCAT, CAGS, is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist and member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association.  Heather completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History (Queens), a Masters degree in Applied Science (McGill), a Bachelor of Fine Art specializing in Print Media at the Alberta College of Art and Design, as well as a Post-Masters Certificate in Art Therapy from St Stephens, University of Alberta in Edmonton and a Certificate in Advanced Post-Graduate Studies in Expressive Arts, Therapy, Consulting and Education (CAGS) at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. A deep curiosity about the world, coupled with a deep concern for human beings, has been a significant theme throughout her life.  As an Art Therapist, Heather incorporates art making and creativity into the therapeutic work that she does with children, adolescents, families and groups. The Expressive Arts Therapies provide the springboard from which she assists people to cultivate their own voice(s) and to explore their inner and outer landscapes—with the aim of enhancing their wellbeing and enjoyment of life.


Services include: Individual, Family, Group Sessions / Workshops / Program Consultation


Uses simple art materials
Requires no previous art experience
Exercises creativity, central to one’s health 


Express feelings difficult to talk about
Approach challenging issues
Contain powerful emotions
Give shape and/or form to life experiences
Provide a record of events for ongoing reflection
Contemplate change or crossroads
Develop healthy coping skills
Promote self-awareness, self-esteem & confidence
Soothe or unsettle, awaken & activate, stir up and engage!

The cracked egg logo symbolizes the transformation that occurs by engaging creatively, a process of opening to what has been growing inside, allowing it to emerge and blossom

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