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Thank you for taking the time to work with me the past few months. I think of you often and the value you've given me on my journey to be holistically and unapologetically myself.  It is rare that I connect with counsellors and your support is appreciated more than words can describe. You gained my trust and admiration when you went out of your way to book me a last minute appointment in what felt like a moment of crisis. I truly appreciate your patience, kindness, and dedication to mental health -including mine! I will hold on to words you have spoken to me and advice you’ve given. I believe we learn a little bit from everyone we come into contact with. I felt the need to let you know I’ve learned a great deal from you.

-T. B., client, Calgary

Being in Heather's home was very cozy and most importantly I felt very safe.  She had many artistic mediums to work with, from drawing, colouring to collage.  I found that using art therapy helped me to shift feelings at a very deep level, I could relay feelings in colours and shapes when I had no words.  Not only is Heather a great listener, she has great attention to details that I shared and was always very gentle and affirming.

-D. G., Calgary, client

A few years ago after art college I was considering doing my masters in Art Therapy, and was seeking some direction and advice.

Heather suggested that I explore a couple of sessions with her to give me an idea of what art therapy was like and how it worked. 

It was a great idea and she introduced me to her amazing world combining art and healing. Heather is a very skilled, creative and sensitive facilitator and I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to open themselves to new possibilities and perspectives.

-L.B., Canmore, client

The pace was perfect…very inviting, pushing & accommodating..,diversity of art projects as well as varied avenues of sharing…great flow: the organization of activities was well planned & thought out

-Workshop Participant


I really enjoyed the workshop.  Heather, I think you have a beautiful spirit & energy & that your air of facilitation causes much reflection.  You slow me down & cause me to reflect.  Your voice, pace & being is gentle & delightful & I find it easy to connect with when doing reflective, thought-provoking activities.

-Workshop Participant


Art invitations were extremely non-threatening, the atmosphere was very warm, & welcoming.  I think all of the invitations tied into the theme very well, & were structured to provide lots of opportunity for insight, reflection & growth.

-Workshop Participant

Heather is a wonderful instructor. She has a calming presence that made this course different from most of my other courses thus far. She was so patient, so flexible, and so gentle. I learned a great deal from her - even her silences were valuable learning experiences. 

-Art Therapy student


Like an outstanding therapist -- and I have no doubt that she is one -- Heather adapted her methods to the group at hand. We were a very small group, and at times it felt like we were in one or all of the following settings: a studio of artists, a learning lab, an intimate seminar. We shared visual (and other) ideas and information with one another and Heather facilitated! Other times, she taught more conventionally, lectured, mentored, role modeled. It was all wonderful; the learning environment and the learning itself was rich. I would jump at the chance to study with Heather again.

-Art Therapy student


So gracious! Humble! The living model of a teacher & so careful & responsive to our questions, our needs, our journey & our future endeavors. I felt I could totally be myself in this course & I was spurred along my journey to become an art therapist. She created a very inclusive space to be, to grow, explore, to move forward.

-Art Therapy student


Instructor made me feel so comfortable. She had such a wonderful way about her. Treated us all with so much respect.

-Art Therapy student


Heather brought her wealth of knowledge, experience and presence. This was inspiring and exciting to witness as a learner.

-Art Therapy student


My supervisory experience was positive. Heather was constantly flexible and willing to adapt to my hectic schedule as a student. I felt deeply supported throughout my practicum process and valued the sharing, guidance, and encouragement offered by Heather. Our conversations provided me with an opportunity to explore many different facets of my practicum experiences while allowing me to reflect on my development as an art therapist. 

-C. D., Practicum Student Supervisee


…Heather is a strong & skilled therapist whose maturity & measured approach are reflected in her success in working with a very difficult population.  She is a dedicated learner who actively pursues personal growth & development.  Heather is a fast learner & excellent writer.  It is my opinion that she is able to integrate her own life & work experience into her therapy in a way that adds depth & meaning.  Heather is a quiet leader who many on our team seek out for consultation. Heather has strong ethics & I would recommend her highly.

-Sharon J., MSW, RSW, Clinical Designation, former clinical supervisor

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