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collaborative printmaking

Heather loves the stimulation and camaraderie, not to mention the opportunity to stretch her technical skills, that emerges from the experience of collaborating with local artists to produce original graphic images.



Natali Rodrigues, MFA, head of the Glass Department of Alberta College of Art and Design, signing the 24” x 36” etching Proximity; created when Heather invited Natali to design a print using one of her sketches.  The finished etching was exhibited in the spring of 2010, at the Faculty Show at Alberta College of Design, and together with Natali’s glass forms at the exhibition “Proximity and Touch” at the Discovery Gallery, Alberta Craft Council, in Edmonton, Alberta.



Heather collaborating with Mireille Perron, MA, Instructor in the Liberal Arts Department at Alberta College of Art and Design. Responding to archival material supplied by the scholars responsible for organizing and curating “PopSex! An Exhibition of the History of Sexual Science” furnished the starting point for the creation of a unique print.  This print became part of a larger installation included in the “PopSex!” exhibit at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery in January 2011.

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